Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

Confirming our commitment to build a “learning society” in which everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, build a worthwhile career and actively participate in the lives of the community.
To train and produce 5 Lacs versatile and resourceful professionals by 2022 who are relevantly qualified for their chosen professions and vocations within an educational environment that fosters innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm for excellence.
Quality Policy
IACM is committed to deliver new programmes, training methodologies that meet and exceed customer expectations by:
  • Setting quality objectives for the business, our delivery and our people
  • Measuring performance and taking action to realize the objectives
  • Continually working to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Constantly improving our training system and manpower skills variability
  • Achieving operational excellence in all that we do
By developing employees and workplaces everywhere, we will deliver unmatched customer satisfaction through constant interaction with our customer; we will continually improve our performance to achieve the best.