Teaching Pedagogy

The delivery of the courseware is strictly followed as per IACM’s SMART Learning™, National Award winning teaching methodology followed by regular seminars and workshops and regular modular assessments. The most advantageous part of the IACM training is “free retraining” for unsuccessful students and up gradation on the latest technologies through various seminars and workshops.
As we focus more on building careers, at IACM, students are not only assisted in picking up their first job but are given continual support in finding better opportunities again and again through its initiatives. This facility helps IACM students in reaching to enviable positions over a period of 2-3 years.
IACM Education Model
IACM Education Model


National Award Winning SMART Learning Teaching Methodology

Our commitment to quality education is reinforced by the National Award we received for our teaching methodology SMART Learning™. Other institutes conveniently ignore the basic fact that the learning ability of students vary. At IACM, we realise that every individual student is different and so is their grasping power.

The SMART Learning™ teaching methodology emphasises collaborative learning where the role of teacher has been converted from merely a teacher to a mentor. Most of the training institutions conduct class room training, typically based and designed on the format of school teaching where the students are simply bombarded with predefined notions of the teacher, resulting in an asymmetrical learning across a group. The problem aggravates furthermore when it comes to skill training, as most of the students join as freshers.

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IACM has analysed the problem and has implemented SMARTLearning™ teaching methodology. The methodology focus is simple: learn more in less time. It works on Confucius’ (551-479) theory – I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand. SMARTLearning™ covers all three aspects of learning i.e. hear, see and do. You hear the explanation, see the demonstration and practice it in the same session.

Our classroom sessions, unlike other institutes, are not about bookish knowledge. Books are just a reference for what will be taught in the class. IACM Courseware is backed up by industrial experiences and there is symmetry between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure.

The faculty explain and then demonstrate. You are encouraged to actively ask questions, over and over again if the doubts are not clear. Classroom sessions are interactively designed to evaluate daily performance.

SMART Learning Class Breakup

Key Features of the Methodology

  • Strong symmetry between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure
  • In each class, the faculty first explains a concept and then demonstrates it practically followed by a lab session
  • Classroom sessions are interactively designed to evaluate daily performance
  • Strong focus on soft skills training and emphasis on training to clear interviews



Zero Failure Student Delivery Model

Zero failure Student Delivery Model


Faculty Development

For a well trained student there is no dearth of opportunities and to make the most of them, you need the best training. Thus to compliment world class facilities, IACM ensures that the trainers too are world class. Every trainer is advised to appear for IACM certification examinations (the pass percentage for which is set at 90%).

The certification examination ensures that the trainers have complete command over the subject. The trainers frequently attend various technological workshops to enhance and upgrade their current skill sets corresponding to latest happening in their subject areas.

Trainers are exposed to various other skills like communication, teaching skills, handling question and answer sessions etc. on a regular basis.