List of 30 final shortlisted candidates for Assistant Mine Surveyor Program

The 30 final shortlisted candidates for Assistant Mine Surveyor programs, as given below, are required to report on 14th April, 2017 at HCL – Khetri Centre:

Enrollment No. Name of the Applicant Father’s Name
AMS-01032017000063 Jitender Kumar Kumawat Kailash Chand
AMS-01032017000074 Nagesh Kumar Rajveer Singh
AMS-01032017000092 Deepak Singh Nirwan Megh Singh Nirwan
AMS-01032017000094 Ajay Singh Megh Singh
AMS-01032017000095 Chandra Kant Ummed Singh
AMS-01032017000101 Vikash Kumar Gulab Chand
AMS-01032017000108 Manish Kumar Mahesh Kumar
AMS-01032017000109 Rajesh Kumar Sanwar Ram
AMS-01032017000114 Mohmmad Shakir Hussain Mohmmad Rustam Khan
AMS-01032017000120 Jitendra Manohar Lal Saini
AMS-01032017000127 Vikas Kumar Kanha Ram
AMS-01032017000137 Pradeep Kumar Adarsh Kumar
AMS-01032017000156 Sandeep Kumar Onkar Singh
AMS-01032017000207 Manish Kumar Bajrang Lal Saini
AMS-01032017000226 Manoj Kumar Saini Phool Chand Saini
AMS-01032017000230 Sachin Kumar Data Ram
AMS-01032017000255 Rahul Kumar Maan Naresh Kumar Maan
AMS-01032017000259 Ajay Singh Sube Singh
AMS-01032017000262 Parveen Kumar Om Prakesh
AMS-01032017000263 Bhavesh Sain Laxmi Kant
AMS-01032017000272 Ravindra Saini Rohitash Saini
AMS-01032017000282 Kapil Satyaveer Singh
AMS-01032017000285 Aashish Kumar Krishan Chand Gujjar
AMS-01032017000294 Kuldeep Saini Dinna Ram
AMS-01032017000304 Rakesh Kumar Guru Dayal
AMS-01032017000310 Naresh Kumar Jhojhu Ram
AMS-01032017000333 Virender Om Prakash
AMS-01032017000341 Tanuj Kumar Saini Chand Singh Saini
AMS-01032017000343 Rajveer Singh Hari Singh
AMS-01032017000348 Yogesh Kumar Ramji Lal Saini


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