List of shortlisted candidates for Medical Test – HCL, Khetri for Assistant Mine Surveyor Program

Medical test for Assistant Mine Surveyor programs for shortlisted candidates, as given below, will be held as follows:

Medical Test Venue : KCC, Hospital

Contact Person : Dr. Anant (A.G.M) (M&HS)

Candidates have to reach for Medical Test, empty stomach at 8:30 a.m.

Date of Medical Test have been informed individually to all selected candidates. In case you have not received the call, you may call at +91-9999865182. Non-appearance for any reason, whatsoever it may be, will lead to hold/suspension of your selection.


S.No Enrollment No. Name of the applicant Father’s Name
1 AMS-01032017000007 Trilok Singh Gour Narapat Singh Gour
2 AMS-01032017000013 Narendra Kumar Sanwal Ram
3 AMS-01032017000016 Manish Sharma Shyam Sunder Sharma
4 AMS-01032017000031 Ashish Kumar Pramod Kumar
5 AMS-01032017000033 Mukesh Kumar Tarachand Saini
6 AMS-01032017000034 Satish Kumar Saini Banwari Lal Saini
7 AMS-01032017000063 Jitender Kumar Kumawat Kailash Chand
8 AMS-01032017000074 Nagesh Kumar Rajveer Singh
9 AMS-01032017000092 Deepak Singh Nirwan Megh Singh Nirwan
10 AMS-01032017000094 Ajay Singh Megh Singh
11 AMS-01032017000095 Chandra Kant Ummed Singh
12 AMS-01032017000096 Bhawani Singh Swai Singh
13 AMS-01032017000098 Arvind Kumar Verma Dinesh Kumar Verma
14 AMS-01032017000101 Vikesh Kumar Gulab Chand
15 AMS-01032017000108 Manish Kumar Mahesh Kumar
16 AMS-01032017000109 Rajesh Kumar Sanwar Ram
17 AMS-01032017000114 Mohmmad Shakir Hussain Mohmmad Rustam Khan
18 AMS-01032017000120 Jitendra Manohar Lal Saini
19 AMS-01032017000127 Vikas Kumar Kanha Ram
20 AMS-01032017000131 Ajay Kumar Rohitash
21 AMS-01032017000137 Pradeep Kumar Adarsh Kumar
22 AMS-01032017000142 Kamal Saini Sajjan Saini
23 AMS-01032017000156 Sandeep Kumar Onkar Singh
24 AMS-01032017000178 Manish Kumar Sharma Mahendra Kumar Sharma
25 AMS-01032017000188 Ravinder Singh Rathour Lal Singh
26 AMS-01032017000207 Manish Kumar Bajrang Lal Saini
27 AMS-01032017000226 Manoj Kumar Saini Phool Chand Saini
28 AMS-01032017000227 Ranjeet Saini Girdhari Lal Saini
29 AMS-01032017000230 Sachin Kumar Data Ram
30 AMS-01032017000255 Rahul Kumar Maan Naresh Kumar Maan
31 AMS-01032017000259 Ajay Singh Sube Singh
32 AMS-01032017000262 Parveen Kumar Om Prakesh
33 AMS-01032017000263 Bhavesh Sain Laxmi Kant
34 AMS-01032017000272 Ravindra Saini Rohitash Saini
35 AMS-01032017000279 Amit Kumar Bhagirath
36 AMS-01032017000282 Kapil Satyaveer Singh
37 AMS-01032017000285 Aashish Kumar Krishan Chand Gujjar
38 AMS-01032017000288 Sharad Joshi Ramesh Kumar
39 AMS-01032017000289 Somveer Jaykaran
40 AMS-01032017000294 Kuldeep Saini Dinna Ram
41 AMS-01032017000295 Shakeel Ahmed Abdul Gaphur Khan
42 AMS-01032017000304 Rakesh Kumar Guru Dayal
43 AMS-01032017000305 Sunil Kumar Subhash Chandra
44 AMS-01032017000310 Naresh Kumar Jhojhu Ram
45 AMS-01032017000333 Virender Om Prakash
46 AMS-01032017000341 Tanuj Kumar Saini Chand Singh Saini
47 AMS-01032017000343 Rajveer Singh Hari Singh
48 AMS-01032017000345 Vikas Kumar Rohitas Singh
49 AMS-01032017000348 Yogesh Kumar Ramji Lal Saini
50 AMS-01032017000359 Jai Prakash Tara Chand

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