IACM Team @ Germany

To explore new practices in skilling, Germany comes on top of mind. As we have marched 18 years in vocational skilling, and working on various skilling projects like PMKVY, ESDM, RSLDC, JSDM, OSEM, UPSDM, UKSDM, MSSDE and many more in different states, there was a strong urge to scale up the quality training delivery along with operations.

When I talk about quality delivery, it means producing the trained candidates with less deviation in training outcomes and more hands on experiences to increase the employability and entrepreneurship.

Germany visit is definitely being called successful in terms of understanding their practical training delivery which enables trainees to be job ready.

The 3.5 years long journey of transformation from a trainee to a professional technician, which starts with compulsory apprentice with the company followed by training at respective skilling centers alongside rigorous assessment during these 3.5 years.

We, at IACM, have been continuously working towards achieving newer heights in our delivery and making IACMians amongst the best choice for employers. This visit will surely enable the IACM team to achieve the similar outcomes which we have achieved in IT hardware and networking, in skilling job roles like Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Mason, Painter, Beautician and many more which need more focus on hands on training and experiential learning.

With 5 PMKK opening up by March 2017, IACM will surely inculcate the learning from overseas in building qualified and skilled manpower which will not only be employable in India but also will be able to move in international territories.

Happy Learning with IACM…

Ravinder Goyal,

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